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“Employer Brand” problem: when COM and HR are forced to work hand in hand

Stéphanie LAGAND

Talent acquisition manager @KEEP&ATTRACT BY EXTERNATIC

Passionate about HR communication and marketing and organisational change for more than 15 years, I spent 8 years in Canada addressing the problem of workforce shortages before joining Externatic in 2018 to work on Keep&Attract in 2018.

What is Keep&Attract’s objective?

#Develop the commitment and retention of your staff to boost your employer brand. I’m not talking about happiness at work or table football, but about concrete ways of making your company more attractive, improving your image as an employer and the commitment of your employees.

My tip: use the methods employed by collaborative workshops and ux design to determine the HR arguments you’ll use.

During my years in Canada what I liked best was making things that looked complicated simple and finding collaborative solutions, because we’re always stronger together.

#Recruitment – sourcing – candidate experience
#Employer Brand – employee/colleague experience
#HR community management
#Training and advice for companies
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