Web2day is the festival for all new technology professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you are a Dev, startup CEO, marketing director or designer… Web2day is for you.


Web2day conferences are structured around 6 themes : Entrepreneurship, Brand, Marketing & Medias, Talent & Work, Society & Life, Design and Tech & Governance.


The aim is to share good practice, avenues for reflection, feedback and experiences or to go and explore completely outrageous content. Beware: it’s intense, prepare your programme: about 200 sessions on for 5 stages are taking place simultaneously over 3 days. And because we’re so lovely, we’ve summed up for you on this page how we divided the content and what you can find where  ♥️♥️♥️


Fundraising, acceleration, management, how to move from idea to product, how to sell… Here are some examples of topics that can be found in this track. We’ll give you tools and successful founder testimonials. But we’ll also talk about failures, the search for meaning, responsibility and what is happening elsewhere in the world.


Surprise, surprise: this universe is devoted to marketing, communication and the media. So we’ll talk about the latest good practices, the trends not to be missed and the topics that make the news: SEO, Inbound, growth hacking, new media formats, fact checking, chatbots etc.




We’ll dissect the workplace of tomorrow: from the impact of digital to onboarding new talent and changing management, no stone will go unturned. Join us for case studies, experiments, and just a few speculative ideas on what the future holds.




This is the place for Professor Branestawm, Professor Calculus, mad scientists and artists. Here we philosophise, we marvel, we blow our minds. So no fears here: we’ll follow the white rabbit down into its burrow.




This year we approach the subject of design in all its diversity and above all we evoke its different “realities” in a very practical way. Augmented reality, virtual, mixed, voice,… all your senses will be aroused!




Beyond languages and technologies, this track offers a panorama of the transformations to come both in back-end and front-end and approaches the new technical frontiers in governance.