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Directeur de la stratégie des publics et du développement des marques @RADIO FRANCE

Since June 27, 2014, Serge Schick is Head of strategy and development of the brands at Radio France. On one hand, he has in charge the knowledge of the audiences and on the other hand, the incomes coming from commercial activities. He also represents Radio France at the Radio Committe of the European Broadcasting Union. Before that, he was director at Ina Expert, a department which gathers the activities of higher education, research, Professional training and expertise at the Institut national de l’Audiovisuel (2011). In this capacity he led a lot of missions on a global level on the issues of digitization of audiovisual contents. He was cofounder and associate director of Headway International (2006), a structure of marketing and strategy counselling for media companies, and led missions of organization and marketing and editorial counselling for most of the public audiovisual francophone broadcasters. From 2003 t 2006, he was head of marketing and diversification at Carat Expert, specialized in media counselling, after having been Vice-president of Cell Network France, a company  specialized in the new technologies from 2000 until 2003. From 1994 to 2000, he was in charge of the elaboration of the strategic plan at France Télévisions before he cofounded the thematic channels Histoire and Mezzo, and he bacame Head of marketing for them.