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Which model do we use to expand Tech For Good initiatives?


Président - Fondateur @BAYES IMPACT

Paul Duan is a social entrepreneur using technology to empower people at scale. As the founder and president of Bayes Impact, he is one of the pioneers in using algorithms to create social impact. Since 2014, Paul led multiple projects throughout the world, ranging from helping micro-finance institutions operating in Africa, to launching an online platform in partnership with the Department of Justice in California to collect police use-of-force data from more than 800 police agencies. In 2014 Bayes was one of the first non-profits to be admitted to Y Combinator, the world’s most prestigious technology incubator. Today, Bayes Impact’s primary focus is Bob, an AI employability coach that has helped closed to 200,000 individuals in France break out of unemployment.

Prior to Bayes Impact, Paul was the first data scientist at Eventbrite, where he built industry-leading fraud detection algorithms. He studied a mixture of mathematics, economics and political science at Berkeley, the Sorbonne University, and Sciences Po, where he delivered the school’s commencement speech in 2017.

Paul served as a member of Action Publique 2022, the French government reform group headed by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. He is also a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, MIT Innovator Under 35 Europe 2018 and the youngest Ashoka Fellow in France.