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Program Manager Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa @GOOGLE.ORG


Président - Fondateur @BAYES IMPACT

Society & Life - Panel

Which model do we use to expand Tech For Good initiatives?

Conference in French

As numerous citizen initiatives and solidarity projects emerge in the field of technology, the fundamental issue of implementation on a larger scale becomes more and more pressing. How do we identify and sustainably support initiatives stemming from Tech For Good? What is the role of public officials and private citizens in this larger-scale implementation? How can we invest intelligently and integrate the risks inherent in any innovation, even social innovation? Liza Belozerova, Program Manager for Europe and Africa at, will present the work and supporting philosophies of Google’s philanthropic branch. Google supports a number of Tech For Good projects in France and throughout the world, in the spirit of supporting and increasing their social impact. Paul Duan, President and founder of the NGO Bayes Impact, will present his organization’s work and vision, which he developed around Citizen Public Service…a real revolution in the way of thinking about innovation and roles within public service.