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The Lean Agile Procurement: a one hundred percent agile call for tender

Loreleï GIROD

Ingénieur technico-commercial @TROOPERS WEB REPUBLIC

After technical training at the École des Mines, I oriented myself towards a business engineer profile with PC SOFT (publisher of WINDEV – WEBDEV – WINDEV MOBILE software in Montpellier). For 5 years, I was part of the technical-commercial team as well as the WINDEV TECH TOUR (WTT) team.

The WTT is an annual technical presentation of new PC SOFT environments. The presentation takes place in 11 cities (France – Belgium – Switzerland) and is held in cinemas. The presentations lasted 3 and a half hours and were animated by 3 speakers.

I moved to Nantes in 2018 and joined Troopers in October, where I am a technical sales representative.