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Stage Maison Avocats – CHAPITALK

The gamification of management and HR


Directeur Général Groupe @TIBCO

Frédéric Roulleau, 53, born on the Earth, continent of Europe.

Robotician from training, Gamer from passion, Leader from opportunity, Transhumanist from conviction, Real and virtual aeroplane pilot from love, Survivor from combat, Altruist from nature, Technophile from logic

I like: intelligence, knowledge, passion, envy, progress, science, the unknown, nature, simplicity, numbers, mathematics, my personal and professional families, video games, Isaac Asimov, team success, fun, finding solutions, permaculture, smiles, my best friend and the time since he’s been my friend.

I don’t like: wickedness, dishonesty, perverse or negative manipulation, violence, the history of the past, individuality, suffering, pessimism, people in a huff, more for more.

My dream: the world of today is marvellous. Let’s take care of nature, the environment, living beings and combine the technological knowledge of humanity to build a better world.

My motto: the future is in our hands, its construction is our everyday life