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Directeur Général Groupe @TIBCO

Talent & Work - Panel

The gamification of management and HR

Conference in French

When we talk about business management, some things are certain: 1) Distance is the enemy of management. 2) You can only manage people you know well. 3) Only years of experience can anchor a relationship. But what if these 3 assumptions were wrong all along? That’s what video games tell us. At the same time, millions of humans find themselves in the same digital universe. From various nationalities, from various different languages, they come together in groups of 16 to perform a common quest. In a matter of moments, everyone knows each other’s skills. In a few minutes, through universal codes, they fulfil a strategy together. In less than 1 hour, through collaboration, they fulfil their common quest. At the end, they share the reward and then part, sometimes never to meet again. In this universe, nothing is left to chance. The success of video games is orchestrated by 47 extremely precise mechanisms, driven 24 hours a day by algorithms. If they have succeeded in the same event a number of times, if they have managed to unlock a level, a player will for example receive a recognition badge. Who in our companies rewards their accountant for correctly recording their 100th invoice, their 5,000th invoice, their 10,000th invoice? How do you recognise a consultant when they acquire new skills?