Vendredi - 14h50 - 15h20 2:50 pm - 3:20 pm



Talent Acquisition Manager @FABERNOVEL

Vendredi RH

Take care of your candidates, they’ll return the favor

Conference in French

Please be informed that this talk is for HR and HR Communication professionals only (registration required). If you would like to take part, please find more information on this page.

At a time when good talent is hard to come by, businesses are fighting tooth and nail — in a battle of ideas — to attract the best and brightest. Of course, there are many flashy, expensive ways to reel in new talent (such as events, millenial-friendly workspaces, etc.) But, what if all it took was a return to basics? What if businesses simply got on well with candidates? “Candidate Care” is a simple, free and ROI-friendly solution. It’s nothing new, though. It’s just a way to make recruitment work again, with a digital, personal and thoroughly human approach. Thought you knew everything about recruitment? Think again!