What awaits you in the world of Brand, Marketing & Media

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At Web2day, you shouldn’t miss the talks in the Brand, Marketing and Media world. And here’s the big revelation: this world is dedicated to brand, marketing and media.


So we’ll be discussing the latest best practices, unmissable trends and hot topics: Inbound, growth hacking, SEO/SEA, new media formats, avatars, winning digital strategies…

Zoom in on some of the presentations you shouldn’t miss:



Keynote – Avatars: storytelling, social & imaginary bodies

Thursday, 6 June ? 14:45-15:25 ? Salle Chapitalk


An avatar is the digital representation of an Internet user. It is the user’s body in the virtual world he or she frequents (whether in video games, social media, or other). They appeared in the 80s in the United States, and since then, they have gradually become part of our daily lives…


Stéphane Maguet, Director of Innovation at We are Social is coming to talk to us about the future of these avatars and virtual bodies.



Panel – Podcast: new uses, new business models

Thursday, 6 June ? 16:55-17:55 ? Salle Maxi


Podcast consumption is growing in France. The key players have multiplied, and the content has diversified; they are now accessible to everyone. This growth is partly explained by the fact that podcast is perfectly adapted to new uses with smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, and connected cars, all of which allow you to consume content anywhere and anytime.


However, no fully viable monetisation model has yet been defined. Currently, they are based on free downloads financed by advertising and paid-for packages. So what new business models can we adopt?


Subject matter experts will gather for a round-table discussion of the new uses and business models of podcasting:


  • Mathieu Gallet : President and co-founder of Majelan, a platform for the distribution and production of spoken audio content.
  • Marianne Le Vavasseur – Director of advertising at Deezer.
  • Estelle Prusker Deneuville : Media Campus Manager for the Audencia group.
  • Edouard Reis Carona : journalist and deputy editor in charge of content and digital innovation at Ouest-France. 
  • Serge Schick : Director of Audience Strategy and Brand Development at Radio France. 


Keynote – Let’s stop creating content that doesn’t perform

Wednesday, 5 June  ? 16:05-16:45 ? Salle Accenture


Today, 9 out of 10 pieces of content (blog posts, social network posts, service pages, etc.) cannot become visible enough to generate revenue, even though they represent a significant investment for companies. Nicolas Nguyen, co-founder of VIP Reputation, will explain how to reverse this trend and develop a profitable content strategy.


Keynote – Prospecting and consent: yes, no, nes, yo?!

Friday, 7 June ? 10:25-10:45 ? Salle Accenture


Stéphane Baïkoff, a teacher at Audencia and lawyer in intellectual property and personal data processing, is coming to give us an update on prospecting and the acquisition of consent. Contrary to popular belief, consent is not always required to carry out commercial prospecting. So, consent, yes, no, under what conditions?



This Brand, Marketing & Media program was produced with the help of a committee composed of Olivier Dassonville, Arnaud Chenudet, Pierre Soulier and Clément Poupeau. We thank them for their time.


To discover the other talks and panel sessions in this strand, consult the program. If you are interested in one of these sessions and would like to participate in Web2day, buy your pass here! More information on the different rates offered in this article.



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