We talk about the future of work at web2day

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Let’s go, the program is out, 5 stages, almost 200 conferences – they are not all in lines and it’s normal, some of our speakers refining their contents again – and like every year, it’s dense, so we decided to give you a little help by targeting some themes which might interest you!


This year, we’ll be talking about talent, future jobs, and the reorganisation of work. First, if you’re looking for the job of your dreams or if you are recruiting, don’t miss the space of 125m2, located in the heart of the village: The Talents Space.


Next, we have dedicated a whole thematic universe to the subject: the Talent & Work track.


On the agenda: conferences and roundtables on digital transformation, remote management, businesses freed, remote working… Here is a little pre-made summary so you won’t miss anything!


Roundtable – Remote working, revolution, new organisation

Thursday 7th April from 9:00 to 10:00 – Stage Micro



Remote working is a form of organisation of work which is becoming more and more popular. For proof: the increase in the number of teleworkers in France and the emergence of all kinds of coworking spaces. To talk about the subject we gathered different kinds of people: a startup collaborator, a co-founder who relocated part of his company and a CEO who launched i, a service dedicated to this new way of working.

More information below:

Zapier is a company which has been 100% remote since it was founded. “Remote working is more than a work methodology, it is a corporate culture.” To learn more about how Zapier works, click here.

Slite is an intuitive collaborative tool at the heart of digital business transformation which allows you to design, create and share team notes. It energises and simplifies teamwork around shared documents. It is a very useful tool for companies which work in telecommuting.

  • Cédric Maucourt – CEO of Recommerce Group

Recommerce Group is the expert in the resale, repackaging and recovery of smartphones in Europe. A very flexible company in the organisation of work which offers its employees the opportunity to telework. This allowed, among other things, teams to work in the provinces (Nantes, Bordeaux and Grenoble) from coworking spaces. 



?? Keynote on Diversity and Inclusion: from reflection to everyone’s priority

Thursday 6th June from 3:40pm to 4:15pm – Stage Maxi


A keynote given in English by the Canadian Ivana Markovic, VP Talent & Culture at Osedea. An innovative firm in Montreal which designs digital solutions which simplify the work of its clients. For the last two years, Ivana has spent a large part of her time transforming Osedea into a better work space.


More and more companies are integrating notions of diversity and inclusion into their values, their recruitment efforts and their initiatives to improve the commitment of their employees. Yet, as we know, the business world is still very unequal. Whether it concerns the place of women or of minorities, there is still much progress to be made.


In her talk, Ivana will explain why diversity is essential in business and how, as an organisation, it can help you. She will also give us examples of initiatives which any company can put in place and show us how anyone in an organisation can take ownership of diversity, regardless of role or hierarchical function.


Keynote – How to decide when you’re not the boss? Decision-making in new organisational forms.

Friday 7th June from 9.35 am to 10.05 am – Stage Micro


With Erwann Rozier – Co-founder of Fly The Nest. This startup’s mission is to support business leaders to manage their teams, helping them to build an adapted strategy with the goal of mobilising, motivating and taking responsibility for their employees on a daily basis.


Erwann believes that authenticity, individual commitment and self-reliance are the keys to the success of teams in companies. But how to decide when you’re not the boss? They experience this situation on a daily basis at Fly the Nest. At Fly the Nest, everyone has taken their place as co-founder, a title granted from the first day to signify the entrepreneurial autonomy.


In this lecture, Erwann will share his experience and good practices with examples of the decisions he makes in his business every day. 


Integrating web values into the company to create meaning and commitment

Friday 7th June – from 3.15 pm to 3.50 pm – Stage Chapitalk


Passionate about managerial innovation, Faustine Duriez created Cocoworker in 2016. A concept of “peer recognition”, which helps companies and their employees to grow, perform and thrive in the new world of work.


In this conference, Faustine will show how the integration of the values of the web, associated with the recognition of employee skills, can help organisations to be more efficient, innovative and agile.


She will then take Cocoworker, and how it disseminates the principles mentioned earlier in companies through its platform, as an example. 


Keynote – Product Manager, an interface profession

Wednesday 5th June from 3.05 pm to 3.45 pm – Stage Atlanbois


Product Manager is a fairly new profession, which is characteristic of tech companies. They are in charge of the development of new products: from the vision, to the roadmap, through the definition of features and design. Their role is to precisely define the when, how, what and why of a new product. The Product Manager is a wide-ranging role which may be different from one company to another. Each organisation can have its own definition of the Product Manager and their missions. So how to think of this profession, which has become essential, in a unified way?

Claire Dufetrelle will answer this question. After graduating with a degree in Product Design, she has been Product Manager at Fabernovel since 2013.



Roundtable – The New Models of Organisations

Tuesday 6th June from 10.30 am to 11.30 am – Stage Micro


The classic pyramid structure of the companies we all know today has reached its limits. New models of management and organisations have emerged, bringing the traditional system back to the surface. 4 speakers will gather around a roundtable to address this theme:

Ouishare is a group of entrepreneurs whose joint projects question the transformations of society, explore and incubate alternative models of housing, mobility and work organisation.

Passionate about startups, self-managed organisations and businesses, Delphine has joined the Alqemist Product Studio to launch new products and support project leaders.

Officience is a digital services company which, in order to differentiate itself from others, has resulted in management based on leadership rather than supervision: instead of having a pyramid hierarchy, everyone chooses their mentors and makes their own decisions.

  • Charles Thomas – Co-founder and CEO of Comet

Comet connects freelancers with companies via an online platform. The startup has designed a selective evaluation program and relies on a matching algorithm, which allows it to find a freelancer suitable for all Tech and Data jobs within 48 hours.



If you are interested in one of these conferences and would like to know more about the work of tomorrow, buy your pass for Web2day here! ? More information on the different prices in this article.



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