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Mobile insecurity: why your apps will be compromised and how to not lose sleep



Rayna Stamboliyska is a risk management and crisis mitigation expert with a focus on security governance, data protection and compliance. Through Defensive Lab Agency, a unique R&D cybersecurity firm she co-founded, Rayna focuses on the challenges mobile environments and IoT pose to our connected lives. At the intersection of security- and privacy-by-design, Rayna’s work has been widely featured in a range of media outlets. An award-winning author for her most recent book “La face cachée d’Internet” (“The hidden face of the Internet”, published with Larousse-Hachette), Rayna has extensively explored the impact of data and technology in conflict and post-conflict zones in the MENA region and Eastern Europe. She has consulted for international organisations, private companies, governments and non-profits. Energetic and passionate, Rayna has grown to become a recognised information security speaker committed to educating those outside of the industry on security threats and best practices. She writes up the cybersecurity expert column 50 nuances d’Internet (“50 shades of Internet”) at