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Tomorrow is the Future!

Pierre-Erick LEFEBVRE


Tomorrow is the Future! Windows 93 is a fictional computer company run by artists Jankenpopp and Zombectro.

Influenced by, memetics, media archeology, glitch, demoscene, underground culture and free software, the duo is developing its artistic works (web applications, music, video, performance, video games, Easter eggs, viruses, etc.) via their own online OS (, which they themselves describe as a love letter to all that computer culture has generated in the craziest and most creative ways since it first appeared. Following its publication in October 2014, the project became a viral phenomenon in just a few hours and has since united millions of users around the world.

Pierre-Erick Lefebvre is a digital artist, electronic musician and freelance creative who touches a bit on everything. Under the pseudoname of Jankenpopp, he’s been skimming the underground music scene for more than 15 years. He organizes digital art festivals, expositions and concerts, runs workshops and gives classes at the university and fine arts schools. He also collaborates

with various studios as artistic director, consultant and web designer.