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The future of consumer and production patterns, The future of consumer and production patterns

Pierre-Axel IZERABLE


Born in 1986, Pierre-Axel is a modern-day adventurer and a musical explorer. Coming from a scientific family, and receiving a musical education, he wasn’t predisposed to becoming an entrepreneur. Yet he started this adventure in 2015, driven by his passion and his instinct, Pierre-Axel is in line with his generation of entrepreneurs using agile methods and new tools to achieve their ambition.

“Le Pavé Parisien is profoundly committed to the circular economy, ” Says Pierre Axel Izerable, Co-Founder and CEO. “We stand against planned obsolescence and we strive to work with people sharing our values. Through its eco conception, Le Pavé Parisien tackles the environmental. Every day we aim to make sense of what we do to build a new future where innovation intertwines with creativity and local manufacturing.”