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Sh**t! I Smoke – raising awareness around air pollution through UX Design

Marcelo S. COELHO

Co-fondateur @SH**T! I SMOKE

I have worked as a designer in the technology sector for seven years, ultimately gaining experience in UX, visual design, and high-fidelity prototyping. As a product designer, I drove product solutions that served the goals of both users and businesses, developing projects for worldwide brands such as Deezer, Evernote, Cartoon Network, Ogilvy, Groupe PSA, and Société Générale.

I have a strong strategy and management background from being the Head of Digital of the agency Protarget, where I designed and managed more than 40 projects throughout two and a half years overseeing the digital team of the agency. From my period at Evernote, I was also able to encounter Silicon Valley’s startup culture and latest methodologies.

As a Master in UX Design at L’École de Design, I had the opportunity to participate in workshops and projects with Google, PSA, Groupe SEB and Stereolux ranging subjects such as machine learning and self-driving vehicles, the theme of my master thesis and final project.

Finally, as Co-Founder of the app Shoot! I Smoke, I was able to design from scratch a successful app aimed to raise awareness to the decrease of air quality on urban centers, with more than 30.000 downloads and interviews at prestigious media outlets such as BBC, The Atlantic, Daily Beast, and Folha de São Paulo.