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Artificial intelligence, machine learning & sentiment analysis: towards artificial emotional intelligence?

Kevin ADDA


Co-founder and CTO at Better World (we’re hiring!): we are applying AI to customer intelligence, with a verticalized and expert approach.

First employee at Alkemics (founded in 2011, raised €28.5 Million during this period), from 2011 to 2015.
During 4 years, I participated in building a 60 people tech team, initiating successively 3 to 10 people teams with various technical expertises (data science, web development, data engineering, data analysis, data quality and business intelligence) while acquiring a broad technical skill set.

Worked at Botfuel as Lead software developer during a year, taking various technical roles to build the company’s technology and interfaces (NLP, SDKs, web platform for developers), while implementing scrum for technical teams.
Worked at Dailymotion as senior data scientist, on video annotation for recommandation.
Worked as a freelancer (Nokia, Palate Club) on machine learning tasks and their integration in the company processes.

Graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris in Computational and applied Mathematics, corporate strategy and finance.
Master’s degree Mathematics, vision, learning from Ecole Normale Supérieur.

All along, I have learned all the steps and processes to build a product with machine learning at its core, using the right set of technologies to obtain performance, and giving attention to user experience.