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Diversity and inclusion: from an afterthought to everyone’s priority


VP Talent and Culture @OSEDEA

Diversity and Inclusion have always been passions of mine and a priority for Osedea.

Even before staring my work career I’ve taken part of experiences that have pushed me to think outside of the box (Study abroad, AIESEC, NMUN). I started my career working in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble in 2010, delivering new products to Canadian consumers. For over four years, I worked on the Oral-B and Pantene businesses.

Since 2014, I’ve been at Osedea, an innovative Montreal technology firm. We deliver digital solutions that allow our clients to simplify their work and achieve outstanding results. Since joining the company, I’ve taken part of our spectacular transformation from a small business to a solid tech firm. I’ve contributed to marketing, finance and talent management. In the past two years, my main focus was to make Osedea the best workplace possible, with innovative benefits and tons of opportunities for career growth. We’ve build a strong corporate culture and truly step changed the way we address Diversity and Inclusion.