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The future of consumer and production patterns, The future of consumer and production patterns

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Future of SexTech


Journaliste/Animatrice @FREELANCE

After doing a Master’s degree in political science at Assas University, Géraldine went on to study journalism at the IFP (Institut Français de Presse). Being naturally inquisitive, a career as a journalist has always been her dream. She likes Antonioni’s “Profession : Reporter” ; prefers Robert Redford in “All the President’s Men” ; and loves Joseph Kessel’s “The Lion”.
For ten years now, Géraldine has worked in various editorials, creating, devising and also producing documentaries and news stories. She has also presented television broadcasts. She has worked for LCI, BFMTV, France 2 and M6, to name but a few.
Géraldine has recently left Paris to settle in Nantes. As a freelance journalist, she hosts debates, produces business reports, and also coaches councillors and representatives in public speaking.