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How can we encourage the emergence of more digital and social economy unicorns?

Frédéric BARDEAU

Président @SIMPLONCO

Political science graduate, former military officer and expert in economic intelligence, I am passionate about cyberculture, activism, empowerment and digital inclusion. I have been working for 20 years as a consultant, lecturer, trainer and social entrepreneur to put the power to act and the potential for innovation enabled by the Internet at the service of NGOs, associations, foundations and the social and solidarity economy. In 2008 I co-founded LIMITE, a communication agency responsible for supporting foundations and NGOs. In 2013 I co-founded, which I currently run, and which is a social enterprise approved as a French Tech label “France S’Engage and “Grande Ecole du numérique” which works on digital inclusivity and solidarity through vocational training for job seekers in French territories, the digitalisation of the ESS and the accompaniment of professional transitions and reconversions related to the digital transformation of companies. I am co-author, with Nicolas Danet, of “Anonymous, can they change the world?” (FYP editions, November 2011) and, still at FYP (June 2014) to “Read, write, count, encode”. I am passionate about humanitarian work, I work with La Calebasse de Ouahigouya in Burkina Faso and my wife and I created an NGO called LYKEMI to supervise our social and humanitarian activities and share them with our loved ones. I am also a member of the National Council of Cities, administrator of Transparency International France, the Movement of Social Entrepreneurs (Mouves), Entrepreneurs of the City, Emmaus Label and holder of the National Order of Merit for its digital activities and social. I am married, I have 5 children and I share my life between Montreuil, Paris, Carcassonne and the many factories (schools) Simplon in France, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.