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Stage Maison Avocats – CHAPITALK

Lead with inspiration, action and meaning thanks to successful behavioural models



Trained as professional criminologist, Fred Colantonio quits Belgian public administration after 5 years of practice. In 2005, he starts an advising company that helps business leaders and entrepreneurs in their digital transformation, innovation and full use of their DNA (Differenciating Natural Assets).

In 2012, Fred unveiled his researches on successful behavioral patterns. Since then, he advises entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to overcome the challenges they face in their self-transformation.

Since 2010, Fred Colantonio is a published author. He wrote 7 books. 4 of them are best-sellers, and 3 are published both in Europe and Quebec. He delivered +870 keynote speeches and talks in 13 countries. His message reaches thousands of people.

When he’s not travelling to speak or in companies, Fred plays with his son Livio, and helps him sort the LEGO ® bricks, with a specialization in forms and colors.