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Startup essentialism


Partenaire & Marketing Lead @SNIPCART

François builds, learns, and laughs in beautiful Québec City.

In 2019, he started mentoring startups in the Apollo13 program, a Spektrum Media initiative helping startups become profitable.

He’s been in charge of marketing for 5+ years at Snipcart, during which they steadily grew their user base and revenue using content marketing and SEO. Now profitable and thriving, they have the luxury to experiment with other channels such as FB ads & video, and focus on CRO/UX throughout their whole customer journey.

His writing has been featured on Indie Hackers, The Startup, freeCodeCamp, Baremetrics, Wishpond, GrowthHub, and more publications. Keen-eyed peers might spot his ghostwriting on other sites too.

Since joining Snipcart, he gave startup presentations in 13+ events all over the world (Canada, USA, France, Ireland). He worked remotely from half a dozen different countries in the last 4 years.