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Future of SexTech

Cathline SMOOS

Sexologue Psychologue Nøøsexploratrice @SMOOS

Passionate about the world of sexuality, imaginary worlds and freedom. This new Noosexplorer, has decided to take the helm of a ship, in order to explore the confines of sexuality and the imagination with a poetic and playful dimension. In his empire, love recognizes no other limits than those of pleasure. So take a ticket, make yourself comfortable, the departure is imminent. Get ready because with these partners of all kinds, they haven’t finished turning your head yet!
Cathline Smoos divides her time between accompanying sexual and relational difficulties with individuals in her private practice, and these explorations, research in various fields related to sexuality, love, health and culture.

“My philosophy: Don’t get caught with a fixed philosophy, a set of safe beliefs, a particular way of life. Experiment! With live, with love.
Run an exploration of the real and the true degrees of freedom of life, of love, of the human condition, inside self and in one’s style of life. Move! Into new spaces beyond one’s present concepts of possible/probable/certain real spaces.” ― John C. Lilly