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The future of consumer and production patterns, The future of consumer and production patterns


Co-fondateur @AVN

At the age of 25, Arthur is part of this young generation driven by the desire to undertake, create and put its energy to serve meaningful projects. In 2014, he created Atelier de la Venise Normande (AVN) with his friend and partner Olivier LE BAS. AVN is a sustainable clothing brand for men, 100% made in France. 

After relocated the french production line of the KIPLAY factory in Normandy, they exported their products to North America by sailboat. This year, they developed the first jeans made in France made from 100% recycled materials.

Today, Arthur is also Senior Marketing Manager at AGRICOOL. The ambition of this startup is to make excellent fruits and vegetables, grown locally, without any pesticides and accessible to all. They raised €35 million in the past three years to build the future of food.