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Head of Ecosystem @NUMA

Co-founder of Intuiti, Arnaud Chaigneau played an integral role in developing the digital ecosystem in Nantes before moving to Paris in 2015 to lead NUMA’s Equity Crowdfunding Campaign #YesWeCrowd (1M € raised in 30 days).

Subsequently, Arnaud became Head of Ecosystem for NUMA, overseeing the development of the Mentor and Expert community that has guided and supported NUMA’s touchpoints with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Alongside this role he created a podcast series that has thus far convened 80+ entrepreneurs and notable “entrepreneurial celebrities” including Xavier Niel, Nicolas Hulot, Anne Méaux, John Chambers, Marie-Laure Sauty Chalon, Thierry Marx, and Céline Lazorthes.

He is convinced of the role that tech can play in driving social impact, and was instrumental in designing and delivering the content for TechForPlanet, a unique Dec 2017 event that convened 200+ innovation stakeholders working on climate issues, including a notable appearance by French President Emmanuel Macron. Arnaud also sits on the Board of several startups and non-profits promoting diversity and inclusion in the French tech ecosystem.