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AI & Muzeek


Fondateur @MUZEEK

André is a passionate musician and jazz pianist. After attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he returns to France and becomes iconic in his field. Accomplished film score composer and musical guru, he comes to fame as a member of the jury in the national hit TV-show, “La nouvelle star” (French version of American Idol). With his transcendent understanding and depiction of music, musical theory and history, he contributes to, and appears in many national TV and Radio shows.
Self-proclaimed cosmic philosopher and forever fascinated with voices, he dedicated part of his career to working with singers. He has since returned to his Armenian musical roots, his piano, and to jazz, merging the musical worlds of the East and the West.
As a fervent improvisator, he claims Johann Sebastian Bach is the author of the very first musical algorithms with the Art of Fugue, to which he traces back the roots of Artificial Intelligence.
Always on the go, he devotes his time to Muzeek, a creative AI music start-up, to AI conferences and piano concerts.