Network, organise your business meetings and follow the programme with the web2day app

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With the speakers announced and the programming unveiled, the time has come for action and to think about organising your visit to Web2day.

If you’ve been before, you know what awaits you: a packed programme, a village with lots of activities to try out, regulars with whom you can catch up, in short, in no time at all, you will find yourself at the end of the festival without having moved from the bar and seen any session at all.

We suggest you download Topi, the festival app, and get yourself better organised.

We know downloading yet another app is a pain, but it’s all in a good cause because Topi can do so much for you: So here are the top(i) three of the reasons why you should really download the app:



1 – The programme and highlights
Well yes, unless you have memorised it or aren’t planning to go to any talks (no worries we take it pretty well), it’s pretty convenient to have access to the three-day programme and all the updates, (sessions running late or early, cancellations, room changes, anything can happen, but at least you’ll be notified), especially since there will be no paper programme this year! We’ll also tell you about the highlights and surprises (the start of the Mario Kart tournament or the launch of afterwork, the arrival of Mounir Majoubi – oh all right, no more for now…)


2 – Networking
Whether you’re new or a regular, it makes it easy to meet people! With Topi, you can see what other festival-goers are interested in and get into conversation with them through the chat. This is pretty convenient with 7000 festival-goers at the event.


3 – Doing business
Well, argument number three is closely related to argument number two. If doing business is one of your Web2day objectives, get luck on your side: get access to the list of participants and their profiles and organise your business meetings easily.
So of course, if you like total improvisation, missing the talk that will change your life, a future partner or customer, don’t download Topi.


Otherwise, this is what you do>>


It’s accessible directly on the Apple Store or Google Play, simply log in with your LinkedIn or Facebook account and join the event (by clicking on the button at the bottom right) with the following code…….(drum roll)……: web2day2019 ?