Let the right people find your business at Web2day

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It’s no secret that digital firms are struggling to find good talent, especially when it comes to anything techy. It seems like good candidates are harder and harder to find at a time when demand for them is growing. The ORCN (Nantes’ Regional Centre for Digital Skills) wrote a brilliant article on this trend (which we highly recommend you read.) In particular, Cyrille Lambert, a recruitment consultant at Externatic, remarks :


“This situation has come about because there is an organic growth in Nantes’ IT sector (the fastest such growth outside of Paris) alongside a vibrant ecosystem of startups and software developers. But there is also a notable lack of people with the right training.”


Here at Web2day, we can’t stand by idly while people are in need!


That’s why we’re championing recruiting and networking in July 2019, with a dedicated 125m² Talent Space located right at the heart of the Web2day village. This special area has been set aside for recruiters, schools and bright prospects to find each other and network.


We have a package for recruiters who want to use this space to :

– Boost awareness of their brand

– Recruit talent

– Provide their current employees a one-of-a-kind team-building experience


Our Talent Space package for recruiters includes:

  • A dedicated stand for your business in our Talent Space, which will be yours to use for the duration of the festival (3 days).
  • 15 one-day passes to Web2day for your brand’s representatives to staff your stand.
  • Your current job/internship openings posted on the La Cantine jobboard from February 2019 onwards.
  • Access to the Doyoubuzz Showcase tool, which will allow you to receive and process candidate applications.
  • Entry to a day of workshops, roundtables/conferences for Human Resources professionals in a dedicated hall at the event (Atlanbois, Friday 7th June)
  • Preferential networking opportunities with our partner schools at the event.
  • Your logo on your stand.
  • Your logo on the web2day.co website (on the Web2day Village + Partners webpages).
  • Special rates for additional event passes (€69pp per day, instead of €129) – a great chance for you and your team to enjoy this digital spring break event!
  • 1 invitation to the event’s opening evening.
  • Use of a special communications kit during the event


Find out more about the Talent Space Sponsors’ pack!