Friday: the new festival finale at a special low price

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At Web2day, no two days are alike. This year, Friday has some super surprises in store for you. Exceptional guests, unique experiences, tricky subjects, Dead2day… We don’t want to spoil you, but the festival intends to close this 11th edition on a very high note. And the icing on the cake is the low price of the pass (just 99 euros on Friday against 149 euros on the other days). Yes, not bad for enjoying the #digitalspringbreak Friday experience. Come on, we’ll tell you more. ??






Taïg Khris, from extreme sport to start-up. ?

?9:30-10:00 ?Salle MAXI

Since making his angel leap from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, the legend of rollerblading has come a long way. That was in 2010, and the athlete has now hung up his skates on a professional level to focus on “OnOff“, a telecom company that allows you to have multiple numbers via the cloud. Although investment funds granted Taïg little or no credit to begin with, he managed to stand out and “integrate himself into the community”. He will open the day for a session based on diversity within start-ups.





André Manoukian, the “new star” of AI. ?

?15:05-15:45 ?Salle MAXI

The composer became involved with the technology entrepreneur, Philippe Guillaud. Together, they designed the Museek platform. Using Artificial Intelligence, these co-creators are taking video creation to another level. Indeed, the platform uses an algorithm to generate pieces of music (audio content) that can be adapted to fit a video (visual content). In the long term, their ambition is to make Museek “the standard for content synchronisation”. In the meantime, the songwriter will be here with us for this 11th edition of Web2day and will tell you about AI in the music industry during a FireSideChat with Arnaud Chaigneau.




Ines Leonarduzzi, digital ecology activist ?

?11:15-11:45?Salle MAXI


If we thought, a few years ago, that dematerialisation would serve the environmental cause, we are more disappointed today. From streaming to emailing to cloud storage, every single thing in your daily life contributes to what we now call: digital pollution. This year, Ines Leonarduzzi will be attending Web2day to discuss this subject, which she understands all too well. In addition to being CEO of Digital For The Planet, she is also a member of the management board of the Transitions Institute and an associate member of the National Institute of Circular Economics. She has fought a real fight over digital ecology and will explain the major challenges.





Maxime Tarcher, will be here for an unforgettable conference ?

?15:50-16:35 ?Salle MAXI

Psychologist and trainer, Maxime Tarcher is a specialist in the acquisition of tools to develop the memory. But that’s not all! He is also a mnemonist. All these professions have led him to become a professional lecturer. TEDx Talks, AFCP, and a Member of the Global Speakers Federation, Maxime is widely acknowledged by his peers. Meet him on Friday afternoon at an interactive presentation and come and wake up your elephant memory!


PS: if you’ve had to come back to this word “mnemonist” twice, click here ?



Come and take a break in the future on Friday afternoon! ⌚️


In the digital world, evolution is on the up. From year to year, codes continue to change, and practices evolve. In this TGV of innovation, the Web2day team offers you a break; a whole afternoon to rest, take stock and reflect together on the different impacts that new technologies will have in the near future. It will take place on Friday afternoon around the Society & Life track, and what we promise you is a futuristic trip in its own right. We even wrote an article for the occasion, and it’s right here. ?



Speechless, conference sessions that will leave you speechless! ?


Coming directly from Silicon Valley, Speechless Live is a unique improvisation exercise. The first French edition took place in October 2017. Following their various successes. The Google Developer Group (GDG), organiser of the event, has chosen to re-create the experience on the Web2day.Au programme. 5 speakers ? 3 Jurors ?‍⚖️?‍⚖️ 1 theme drawn at random ? 1 subject given by the audience?, and all driven by slides with no beginning or end. The objective of the exercise is this: to make speakers play against each other in a new improvisation game! Come and watch the performances in the late afternoon on the stage of the Chapitalk.


Friday: the day tailor-made for HR and HR communication professionals ?


From recruitment to employee retention, HR careers are also impacted by digital transformation, but the Web2day team intends to address this subject this year with an unprecedented spotlight on HR. So, the festival offers you a full day of focus on the latest trends in human resources specifically dedicated to HR and HR communication professionals. Talks will take place throughout the day in Atlanbois. Come and discuss the various issues and discover the high expectations your employees and candidates have.


Please note: Sessions are reserved for HR & HR communication professionals and by registration only.


If you’re not an HR professional, don’t panic. There are some great presentations on the subject of “Talent&Work”:


How do you make decisions when you’re not the boss? Decision-making in new kinds of organisation. 

?09:35-10:05 ?Salle MICRO ?‍?Erwann Rozier


Why is Walmart using virtual reality to train one million employees this year?

?10:45-11:25 ?Salle MICRO ?‍?Bertrand Wolff


Artificial intelligence at work

?14h45-15h05 ?Salle CHAPITALK ?‍?Aurélie Fliedel


Integrating the values of the web into the company to create meaning and commitment

?15:10-15:50 ?Salle CHAPITALK ?‍?Faustine Duriez