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One of the flagship universes of Web2day is  Tech. This year, we will talk about GraphQL (in production!), JAMStack, eco-design, continuous integration of native applications, offline data management, progressive web apps, deep learning, automation and even Windows 93.

During these 3 days of tech2day, Naomi Hauret will take stock of the CSS: 23 years later, Rhys Arkins will present several approaches for keeping dependencies up to date and Guillaume Renaudin will tell of the dreams of his car.

Shedding a light on some interventions:



??Keynote – Developing the Best Free Photo Editor

Friday 7th June from 9.35 am to 10.05 am – Accenture Stage


Photopea is an innovative graphic editor used by millions of people. This is probably one of the most complex programs ever created with Javascript. During a lecture given in English, Ivan Kuckir, its creator, will present the process of its development and the web technologies used



Keynote – Your mission? Discovering Haskell and putting it into production

Wednesday 5th June from 14.45 to 15.25 – Accenture Stage


We sometimes hear people talking about Haskell, but it often seems very difficult to get into as the language around it is scary, with Monads, Monoids and other big words.


Celine Louvet, CTO at Fairvioo, tells us that there is no need to know what these terms mean to get started. She will show us what you need to know to create a small API, with security and data management, i.e. to put a small application into production.



Roundtable – Lean Agile Procurement: A 100% Agile Call for Tenders Wednesday 5th June from 9.15 am to 9.55 am – Chapitalk Stage


Lean Agile Procurement is a method for carrying out a complete tender based on the Agile method. Candidates do not write a paper file and have no preparation to make.


Troopers won a call for tenders of this type put out by Amnesty International France at the end of December. The workshop day was organised by Goood, an expert in Agile transformation. Wednesday 5th June, Loreleï Girod will host a roundtable in the presence of these different players, with Sophie Durand, Stephen Jolivet, Romain Guilliou and Coralie Coton. 




Keynote – Nuxt.js, or how to make universal applications with files

Friday 7th June from 10.10 am to 10.50 am – Accenture Stage


Nuxt.js is a JavaScript framework based on Vue.js. It started simply: a file corresponds to a route, as in PHP. Over time, this file system has been applied to other features, making it easy for anyone, by simply knowing the folder names and file syntax, to create high-performance, universal applications.


Sébastien Chopin, one of the creators of this framework which has been adopted worldwide, will reveal more about the purpose of Nuxt.js: to become as simple as PHP to create any type of application (web, desktop, mobile or even PWA).



To discover the other conferences and panels of the tech universe, consult the programme.


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