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Vendredi RH

What if, from now on, you integrated employee feedback into your HR strategy?

Conference in French

Please be informed that this talk is for HR and HR Communication professionals only (registration required). If you would like to take part, please find more information on this page.

Feedback is important. Everyone agrees on that. Without feedback from your staff it is difficult to run your business, measure the impact of your actions, develop the best ideas, etc. The big question is how to create a sustainable internal culture of feedback. How do you ask the right questions? How often? What reaction? Who should be empowered? Supermood accompanies hundreds of thousands of employees every month, works with half of the CAC40 and has harvested a wealth of data on what engages (or does not engage) employees. Let’s talk about all that and look at a few examples of employee engagement processes, while destroying a few preconceived ideas. Wind up your Friday with a friendly discussion, #nobullshit, and go away with a number of tips and idea that you can put into practice on Monday morning. 🙂