Jeudi - 17h40 - 18h10 5:40 pm - 6:10 pm



Directeur du programme "Delivery Support and Performance" @ORANGE BUSINESS SERVICES

Tech & Governance - Panel

Software industrialisation strategy: feedback on 10 years of experience

Conference in French

Even if we have produced software for dozens of years, “digital tech” and agile methodologies have permanently changed the pace of delivery and their life cycle! When you work in a company consisting of thousands of people producing software in editor or system integration mode on dozens of different technical ecosystems, it makes sense to have an overall vision and propose software factories that enable, as much as possible, the coherent sharing of tools and practices for quality, productive and efficient production. The central idea of this session is to share our own history within Orange Applications for Business, from scratch to “DevOps as a Service” and its data-controlled supervision (with Splunk), allowing us to have software factories on demand in “as a service” mode and to be able to follow the production effort.