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DRH et Expert en digital learning @UNOW

Vendredi RH

Recruitment and employee retention

Conference in French

Please be informed that this talk is for HR and HR Communication professionals only (registration required). If you would like to take part, please find more information on this page.

Traditional HR management is no longer a suitable solution for today’s organisations and expectations. New HR practices, particularly in Silicon Valley, are inspiring companies and start-ups, but they are not always appropriate because they are too radical. This is the cliché of unlimited leave, which, once implemented, has the effect of reducing the number of employees on leave. Therefore, to tailor your HR management today, and to take into account the high expectations of candidates and employees, you have to find the right balance. I can offer you feedback from my five years of experience at Unow as HR Director, enriched by examples of other inspiring start-ups that I work with on a daily basis: Alan, Agricool, Margo Bank, Lucca, LiveMentor and others. Everything begins with the corporate culture: once it has been formalised (via real values), it is applied in each area of HR and I will give very concrete examples (in particular on recruitment, training, remuneration, work flexibility, managerial interviews).