Vendredi - 14h45 - 15h15 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm
Maison Avocats – CHAPITALK


Stéphane SCHULTZ

Fondateur @15 MARCHÉS

Society & Life - Panel

Micromobility is in town: chaos or deliverance?

Conference in French

On paper, micro-mobility (scooters and electric bicycles) have everything to please: machines adapted to the dense city, easy to share and pleasant to use. Many free floating services are developing, funded by abundant private funds. However, their success is met with rejection by many authorities and users of public space: inappropriate behaviour, vandalism and the insecurity of the users themselves. Their development more generally challenges the ability of cities to integrate new uses, services and economic models that they only partially control. What if these new machines were not just simple toys for privileged city dwellers but the solution that everyone’s been awaiting to rid our cities of the private car? What if the scooter is just the minimum viable product among new forms of digital mobility that have yet to be invented? Stéphane SCHULTZ will share his experience of new forms of mobility and his international research on the subject.