Vendredi - 15h10 - 15h50 3:10 pm - 3:50 pm


Faustine DURIEZ

Fondatrice et PDG @COCOWORKER

Talent & Work - Panel

Integrating web values within the company to create meaning and commitment

Conference in French

When a business’ inner workings can’t keep up with the world around it, it starts to fade into obscurity. In this conference, I want to show you how businesses can perform, innovate, adapt and appeal by looking to the web, and how they can benefit from harnessing the behavioural, multi-disciplinary skills that their employees possess. The aim here is to look at how digital culture — and its values of collaboration, continual learning, transparency, openness, diversity and immediacy — can become an integral part of your business’ culture. I’ll then discuss how Cocoworker spreads these ideas to other businesses through its cooperative, soft-skills recognition platform, which allows employees to acknowledge their colleagues’ contributions in a positive, tangible, open and fun way.