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Talent & Work - Panel

How can you make decisions when you are not in charge? Decision-making in new forms of organization.

Conference in French

At a time when businesses are looking to do away with hierarchies and obedience, one question still remains: who makes the decisions? Inspired by the work of Frédéric Laloux (among others), we’re convinced that individual honesty, commitment and autonomy are the keys to collective growth and success. Authority is bestowed upon those who choose to tackle certain business-defining issues. But, with great power comes great responsibility, and those who have the authority make the decisions. That said, making a decision by yourself doesn’t mean that you’re making a decision alone (or on everyone else’s behalf): involving others and getting their approval is all part of the process. It also means putting your decision into action, getting your colleagues involved, finishing your project and sharing your findings. At Fly the Nest, we don’t make decisions without taking action first. Decision-making is an exciting, thoroughly human task that we’ve made our day-to-day raison d’être. By testing, re-testing and learning from every decision that we make, we’ve grown to a team of 16 people: a team in which each member has the power to make important decisions for themselves. We’ll take you through just a few examples of the decisions that we have to make every day, and we’re eager share some of what we’ve learned with you. These are decisions like: – What salary should I be earning? When should I be promoted? – Should we hire this person? – What should we invest in this year? – And, who should we work with to strengthen our brand?