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Maison Avocats – CHAPITALK



Négociateur, formateur en communication @L'OURS BLEU

Brand & Marketing, Medias - Panel

How can you hack your user’s brain?

Conference in French

A user who has clear ideas, who knows what they need and who, in addition, can explain to you how and for what they will use your product, let’s be honest, they don’t exist! The human brain creates links that are sometimes chaotic. And you can quickly drown in the information given by the user or the client. During testing, we are often spectators and we rely on what we see. But what is really going on in your guinea pig’s head? Let me explain how I have re-appropriated some well-known methods from other sectors to adapt them to the steps of Design Thinking, the Scrum methodology or Change Management techniques. Some explanations and techniques that will save you a lot of time during your next tests.