Jeudi - 15h05 - 15h35 3:05 pm - 3:35 pm




Entrepreneurship - Panel

Entering Nothingness… Getting back on track after leaving or losing your company

Conference in English

After selling, losing or leaving the companies he founded over the years, Amsterdam-based entrepreneur & investor Oscar Kneppers shares what it means to leave what you built behind. When you have all the time of world, where nothing productive happens, when you have no plans or even just a clue what to work on next… you’re entering a ‘State of Nothingness’. For some uncomfortable, for others a great reset for the whatever might show up on the horizon. Kneppers, now in the middle of his third sabbatical of 2 years, explains what this ‘Nothingness’ means to him, how to detach from what you think you know about yourself and how it empowers you for the next run. Capturing the essence of some great thinkers, Kneppers also reflects on his learnings working with hundreds of startup-founders in his most recent company Rockstart, which he left in 2018: signaling wantrepreneurs, knowing your ‘best-before’-date and why it helps to not take yourself so seriously.