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Vendredi RH

Employer branding? Let’s talk about employee branding!

Conference in French

Please be informed that this talk is for HR and HR Communication professionals only (registration required). If you would like to take part, please find more information on this page.

At a time when everyone is talking about employer branding, increasing well-being at work, uniting employees, decoding generation Z… why not let employees build this brand? I was an explorer-guide in the Arctic region. Motivation is an essential element during an expedition. “Motivation” is a word that can’t be linked merely to a subordination contract. At a time when recruiting is a major headache, where candidates are looking for values, a mission and meaning, why restrict them? Flexible work hours, telecommuting and motivation comes when employees know why they’re there and what they’re contributing to a project. Job description? Really? Nothing is more exciting than learning new things. Rather than talking about “employer” branding, leave room for “employee” branding.