Mercredi - 15h30 - 16h10 3:30 pm - 4:10 pm
Maison Avocats – CHAPITALK


Francois-Guillaume RIBREAU


Tech & Governance - Panel

Does your web API pass technical control?

Conference in French

We all know how to develop a working API — but can we keep it up and running, too? How do we manage it from an organisational, human point of view? How do we navigate operational and commercial challenges (e.g. SLA, SLO, SLI), as well as issues relating to release management, querying methods, security (e.g. performance and scaling), testing methods, documentation, versioning (e.g.accounting and changelog issues), monitoring — and much more? In this presentation, I’ll take you through more than 30 seldom-covered issues associated with building an API, with the help of a few case studies from industry leaders such as Uber, Stripe, Facebook and Google — as well as local French start-ups and SMEs.