Jeudi - 16h05 - 16h25 4:05 pm - 4:25 pm



Product Designer @BAYES IMPACT

Design - Panel

Demanding empathy – How to design an employment coaching tool that listens to its beneficiaries

Conference in French

Although the offer of on-line job search support is often confined to the many employment websites, the Bob application has differentiated itself over the past two years. Launched by the NGO Bayes Impact, Bob voluntarily focuses on the problems of beneficiaries and offers full support through personalized diagnosis and advice. John Métois, Product Designer at Bayes Impact, imagined and designed the interface of Bob. He will discuss his work and highlight the method used to create an interface that enables the beneficiary to feel confident, listened to and ready for action. At the heart of the work on Bob is a demanding empathy, which involves changing working methods to build a product and to listen to the sometimes hidden needs of the beneficiaries.