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Ingénieur d'étude et de développement mobile @IPPON TECHNOLOGIES

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CI Mobile: from developer to the AppStore in record time

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When it comes to building new apps, the pendulum has started to shift away from continual integration. Industrialisation is the new norm. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, either: it’s reassuring for both dev teams (who can be sure that their products are technically sound) and clients (who don’t have to suffer endless non-regression tests.) This approach also goes hand-in-hand with a continual deployment strategy, as it allows for developers to automate their deliveries. It’s an Agile-friendly strategy where making deliverables available to clients becomes an iterative, incremental process. When it comes to making mobile apps, cloud-based solutions do exist, but these require sources — which belong to the client — to be externalised In this presentation, we’re going to show you a few on-premise solutions that we at Ippon have come up with to provide CI services for both native (iOS/Android) and hybrid mobile apps. This includes guaranteeing high-quality, non-regressive code (TU,TF), build certificate management, automatic deployment of “ready to install” deliverables and more.