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Philosophe, artiste et pédagogue @ESSEC BUSINESS SCHOOL

Society & Life - Panel

Can we reflect on artificial intelligence with artificial intelligence?

Conference in French

For more than two centuries, humans have had it in mind to become masters and owners of nature. And, in a way, they have. To achieve this, they have built the most sophisticated machines and devote a good part of their lives in managing, planning and calculating. Yet, paradoxically, the feeling of being out of control, the feeling of a world “gone mad” and absurd, is sweeping over us all. We are crying out “We must give the meaning back”! But we are failing to do so. We would like new software or a new machine to generate meaning, to solve our anxieties or to make love work. What if these insoluble problems were precisely man’s own? What if daring to get away from our obsession with calculation and control was the way to find a lost meaning and really demonstrate the humanity of Man?