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Entrepreneurship - Panel

Bootstrapped! From revenues of 0 to 10 million euros, in full growth mode, profitable and without fundraising… it is possible!

Conference in French

In 2019, the success of start-ups is still measured by their fundraising. The Silicon Valley model, hyper growth at all costs, and unicorn fantasies make the eyes of many entrepreneurs shine. There are, however, other models that are less talked about for growing and financing start-ups: notably the “bootstrapped” culture and focusing on profitability and long-term organic growth with some iconic start-ups like MailChimp and Basecamp. Benoit Hediard, co-founder of Agorapulse, will provide feedback from a “bootstrapped” French start-up: a European leader in social media management tools in direct competition with heavily-financed American competitors. 100% bullshit-free, concrete insights on the reality of start-ups, their growth rates and their financing!