Take a break in the future at Web2day ?

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In the digital world, evolution is on the rise. From one year to the next, the codes continue to change and the practices continue to evolve. In this high-speed innovation, the Web2day team offers you a break; a whole afternoon to ask questions, draw up a report and reflect, together, on the different impacts which new technologies will have in the near future. This will happen on Friday afternoon around the Society & Life track, and what we promise you is a futuristic trip in its own right. Here’s what will happen on Accenture’s stage  ??



From 2.00 pm to 2.50 pm: State of the art of facial recognition  ?


Facial recognition was invented in the 1970s and has continued to progress ever since; today it is the most natural biometric measurement. Every day, more and more technology is being introduced into our daily lives, for better or for worse. At the opening of the ball, Raphaël De Cormis, VP Innovation at Thales Digital, will talk about the identification and authentication solutions of tomorrow. He will also explain the different ways to exploit Artificial Intelligence in the future.





From 2.55 pm to 3.25 pm: Micro-mobility vehicles come to town: chaos or saviour? ?‍♀️


A beautiful app is available to you, you scan, you take a picture, and forward Simone! This is the promise of the new “micro-mobility” schemes. If machines (bikes or electric scooters) have done everything to win you over, the free floating devices which are springing up in our cities haven’t always been welcomed with open arms. The authorities, the users of public spaces… many people have criticised the excesses caused by these new means of transport. Stéphane Schultz, founder of the blog 15 Marchés, will share his experience of new mobility vehicles and his various researches on the subject.






From 3.30 pm to 4 pm: The future of the Internet is not (necessarily) what you might think ?


For you, will the virtual world of tomorrow be more like The Matrix or Blade Runner? It’s hard to imagine what our favourite associate will look like in a few years, and yet we are far from surprised, according to Clément Jeanneau, Founder of Blockchain Patner. He will be at Web2day to tell you about the future of the internet and will offer you a prospective exploration of the possible future of this tool, while moving away from conventional wisdom on the subject.





From 4.05 pm to 4.45 pm: A day under LSD ?


In addition to speaking on SexTech on Thursday, Aurélien Fache, today Outernet Designer, will see you again on Friday afternoon for an ever more futuristic trip. She won’t be there to sell you the product, but rather to immerse you in the different forms of augmented realities: improved, diminished, altered, revealed, improved, etc. during a rather special day. So it’s possible to remove ads from your field of vision, analyse your friends’ moods…






From 4.50 pm to 5.20 pm: Re:Dream or Synapses as a service  ?


There will be a hint of Black Mirror at Accenture at the end of the day. William Oechsner De Coninck and Marion Thomas will present their crazy project: RE:Dream. If MIT is only beginning to research the subject, it could well be that these two accomplices have opened up new horizons with their creation. RE:Dream, this is the little algorithm which will allow you to replay your dreams, shape them, but above all to heal the traumas which reside there. The two friends will present their innovation and will share their ambitions in the context of mental health and the renewal of entertainment.




?I’m being told in my headset that the pass for Friday is €99 instead of €149 the other days. “It will be good, in fact it will be very very good!”