Speechless Live at Web2day, this will leave you speechless ?

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Would you love to see someone propose a toast in Chewbacca’s voice or explain to aliens what a selfie is? ? Well, Speechless Live is a show just made for you! We’ll explain right away what it’s like  ?


Straight from Silicon Valley, the exercise is simple: make speakers compete against each other in an improvisation game where the audience is a full-fledged actor too! On the programme:


  • ? 5 Speakers
  • ?‍⚖️ 3 Jurors
  • ? A theme drawn at random
  • ?? A subject provided by the audience
  • ? Slides with no fixed start or finish (which are, of course, not ready prepared!)



This year we are pleased to welcome Jean-François Garreau (a.k.a JF). He is a co-founder of the Google Developers Group Nantes (GDG), and that’s not all! He is also the organiser of the DevFest Nantes festival and co-creator of Nantes Wit. During the 11th edition of the #digitalspringbreak, he will host Speechless Live.




For the record, Speechless Live is a unique event that arrived in France in 2017. Following the successes of the first three editions, the Google Developers Group Nantes are back with their concept and not just anywhere. The entire GDG team is coming to the 11th edition of the Web2day festival.

After Maher Wannes’ victory last year, the golden microphone is back in play, and the SpeechLess Live sessions still offer great memories and are a great opportunity to meet each other. So please come along to an extraordinary improvisation session! Scheduled for Friday afternoon, get ready for unforgettable performances!


Psssst: Alternatively, on Friday, we have other surprises for you, click here ??